March 12, 2020

Vancouver has one of the mildest climates in Canada, and spring comes earlier for us than the rest of the country. It feels slightly later this year, but the first blossoms popped this week. 

Autumn is my favourite season, with its cooler nights and promise of fires and cozy sweaters, not to mention the baking. Spring, and the shedding of those sweaters is wonderful as we shake ourselves and prepare for more time outdoors.

This year, with the uncertainty and caution around public health, I find myself distracted, writing less, and not entirely sure what we’re heading into. I was already an avid hand washer, so I’m trying to combat this uncertainty by sticking to my routine as much as possible. How are you faring? 

Currently reading

Although we returned Michael Escoffier’s Brief Thief to the library, my son and I have been reciting it to each other from memory (we read it that much). I’m loving how he gets into it and am going to try to record it as these moments are so fleeting.

I just started reading Anna Castle’s, Murder by Misrule, which is set in Elizabethan England, a period I adore. My book club chose a book that sounds interesting, and like The Journal, tells the story in present day and the past, so I’m looking forward to how the author treated splitting a story between two times.

Currently writing

Last week I started drafting another book in a series I’m calling Riversend Riddles. I don’t have a release date for the first one, which I drafted in the autumn. Ultimately, I hope to establish a process where I draft a book in one series and edit in the other. That schedule isn’t really feasible while working full time, so I’m alternating writing and editing days this week to see if that is more manageable.

Listen to this

I’ve been listening to the second season of the investigative podcast The Dream, by Jane Marie and Dann Gallucci. After looking into multi-level marketing in the first season, this time they explore the wellness industry. So fascinating!

One thing I learned

Rather than something I learned, this is more something I was reminded of, and that is to parent to my child’s needs. While my son was at an activity, other parents were talking about their soon-to-be kindergarteners reading early chapter books. I had an afternoon of self-doubt as my son definitely still prefers picture books and though he recognizes words, he’s not reading yet. Was I delaying his development by not giving him chapter books? What chapter books should I get him? When I caught my breath, I remembered kids develop at different speeds. Those parents recognized their children were ready to read. My son will get there on his own time. 

I get the same self-doubt when I look at other authors. They have so many books or social media followers. Then I remember they started out too and their path doesn’t have to be mine. 

Stay in touch 

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